How do I enter Sweet Peeks?

When entering through the front entrance, under the awning. Please check in at the first suite on your right ‘Gray Chiropractic & Wellness Center,’ and they will inform Sweet-Peeks you are here!

Will my insurance cover the ultrasound?

No, elective ultrasound’s are not covered by insurance.

Do I need to have a full bladder?

No, a full bladder does not improve the ultrasound pictures. But, being well hydrated increases the transparency of the amniotic fluid. This greatly affects the clarity of the pictures and videos. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water for the 2 or 3 days before your appointment.

Can I receive a viability ultrasound in my first trimester?

Since we are prenatal imaging and not diagnostic, this is a service that you would need to refer to your OB for. We are not able to provide a viability ultrasound at this time.

Can I bring friends and family members with me?

Absolutely. Our room has comfortable seating for 8 but we have plenty of standing room for quite a few more!

When is the best time to come in for my ultrasound?

While we can tell gender as early as 15 weeks, we do not guarantee it until 18 weeks. We are more than willing to give it a try and if the baby isn’t in the proper position, we will bring you back in a week later, free of charge to take a second look. 27-32 weeks is the best time for 3D visualization of the baby. Prior to 26 weeks the fat has not yet defined the baby and while 3D ultrasound images are obtainable, truly beautiful ultrasound images require fat deposits and fetal development.

Do you provide medical services or diagnostic ultrasound?

Sweet Peeks provides only a supplemental service, determining gender, fetal position, an estimate of the fetal heart rate, and other useful information. Sweet Peeks will not provide any medical measurements to include the weight of the baby. Any medical questions should be directed to the mother’s physician or midwife.

Do I need a note from the doctor?

Sweet Peeks requires that all ultrasound clients be under the active care of a physician or midwife. Although we do not require a note from the doctor, Sweet Peeks reserves the right to contact your provider and confirm prenatal services.

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